Baby Welcoming

Special and Personalized Services

“I’ll love you FOREVER, I’ll like you for ALWAYS,
As long as I’m living, my BABY you’ll be.”

Robert Munsch

As a celebrant the most important thing for me is that you have a special and unique ceremony that welcomes your new child — baby, adoption, young age. A Baby Naming Ceremony can also be referred to as Baby Welcoming or Baby Blessings and is an alternative for families who are not involved with a church or religion.

  • This ceremony will be unique to you, your child and your family.
  • You can involve your family and friends — truly a very special time for Grandparents.
  • Promises can be made to show your precious child your love, support and guidance — and your hopes for his/her future.
  • Special music and readings can be incorporated.
  • The ceremony is non-religious however prayers or scripture can be included.
  • Cultural traditions can be included and are encouraged.
  • Personal mementos can be added by family and friends to your child’s time capsule — a capsule full of treasures that can be opened at a later time.
  • There are no set guidelines nor rules to follow.

It’s been said: “Family – a link to the past; a bridge to our future.”

Special Thank You Note

“Just to say a happy thank you for the wonderful ceremony you did for A’s Naming. It was lovely to hear how much people cared for and celebrated my son’s first year. I felt privileged for everyone to feel part of it. We thought it was very personal and had a lovely atmosphere. I found it really touching, and everyone enjoyed Colleen’s warm wishes and personable services.”

Ceremony Fee

Baby Welcoming Celebrant Fees for 2018

For meeting, writing and officiating at a Baby Naming Ceremony my fee is $250. For travel outside the Winnipeg area, mileage fee is 50 cents/km.

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